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ABC's for the best braids

January 29, 2016 2 min read

ABC's for the best braids

Ever seen a beautiful, stunning braid and wondered - but how? Well worry no more! Use your ABC for the best braids as your first point of reference to recreate those stunning braids! Remember that the most intricate is actually just combinations of all these braids below. So let's get started! ♥

The Carousel Braid:

This is a super braid that can really add some "wow" to your ponytails.

The Crown Braid:

This braid is the perfect up do! Notice that it is different to the milkmaid braids as the hair is all lifted and tucked into the crown.

The Dutch Braid:

Beautiful Dutch braids are perfect going down the back of your head, down the side or a nifty way to lift those bangs out of your face!

The Fishtail Braids:

The ever classic fishtail braid (my favourite!)

The Five Strand Braid

The fact that this braid looks as complicated as it does makes this the next braid you should try out!

The French Braid

Probably one of the BEST ways to get your hair out of your face and still look so chic!

The Inside Out Braid:

A simple twist on a normal braid that really spices things up!

The Ladder Braid:

Definitely not the easiest braid around but once you get the hang of it, you are going to love recreating this flawless braid!

The Mermaid Braid:

This look, inspired by the mystial mermaids is the perfect look to really show off your skills. Pair this with a set of Ombré Clipinhair Extensionsto really make them pop!

The Milkmaid Braid:

What's great about this braid is that you can do absolutely any braid you prefer and then just simply wrap it around your head!

The Snake Braid:

This braid is so cute and loving how it look it looks like a cute snake shape!

The Waterfall Braid:

This looks not only effortless but so intricate! Learning how to recreate this look can be the perfect half up look!

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