7 Reasons you should try our Clipin Bangs - as shown by your favourite celebs!

7 Reasons you should try our Clipin Bangs - as shown by your favourite celebs!

Not sure whether our Clipin Bangs can work for you? Well we are here to tell you that it definitely will! Bangs, once shaped correctly can really define all your best features and perfectly angle your face in the best ways.

Be sure to take a look at our top reasons to get your bangs today! And of course, what better than some celebrity inspiration to seal the deal. ♥



1. Instantly revamp your hairstyle

With as simple as two clips, bangs can really change your hairstyle. Above, the beautiful Kerry Washington is wearing her in loose waves in both pictures but adding the bangs creates an instant, effortless look that is sure to blow everyone away!



2. Hello, smouldering eyes!

This goes without saying but having bangs with your eye's done up perfectly is the perfect combination. Can't repeat this enough, but smokey eyes and bangs is one of the hottest looks that will definitely stand the test of time! We love Kim Kardashian with her sexy bangs!




3. Different ways to wear them

Our bangs come in one length and thickness, giving you the ability to style them as you please. The way Jennifer Lopez wears her bangs above is the perfect way to show of her facial features. Whether it's straight accross or in a part, find the way that works best for you.



4. Buns and bangs are everything!

Next time you wear hair in a plain old boring bun, consider adding the perfect finishing touch with a Clipin Bang. Our bangs have long side pieces, which you can cut to your desired length to shape the outline of your face. We have to add that either way, Beyoncé looks flawless!



5. The perfect cut for all face shapes

As stated before, since our Clipin Bangs comes in one length and thickness, it is completely compatible with all face shapes. Next time you go to your salon, make sure to grab your bangs and have your stylist shape your bangs to your face. As you can see, Olivia Wilde has a square shaped face, but the bangs really do soften them up perfectly!



6. Instant sexiness!

Two little clips is all that stands in the way of you and being instantly sultry! Bangs gives an appeal of mystery and intrigue that can definitely make anyone MELT! Jessica Alba shows how glamourous and sexy bangs looks on her!




7. Bring out your best features!

The best thing about bangs (and speaking from experience), is how perfectly it can bring out your features. Emphasize your cheek bones, eyes, jaw line and every bit of your face with something as simple as Clipin Bangs! As you can see, Taylor Swift looks every bit as stunning and each of her features are highlighted even more with those gorgeous bangs of hers!

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