5 mistakes that could be making your hair frizzy!

5 mistakes that could be making your hair frizzy!

Frizzy hair - DO CARE! There is nothing worse than trying to maintain frizzy hair that just blantly refuses to be kept in control. Think Monica Gellar from Friends in the Bahama episode. YIKES!

We list 5 mistakes you might be making that could be causing your frizzies to go wild! Are you guilty of them??


1. Bed Time no no

If your hair is prone to frizz, cotton and other harsher matierals of your pillows couldn't be making your frizz worse while you sleep (yes, apparently frizzy hair doesn't time out). Our advice, lay your head down on a soft and silky satin cushion instead to keep your hair cuticles less aggrivated while you sleep. A satin or silk scarf wrap can do the trick too! You can grab a satin pillow case here - https://natmoisture.co.za/

2. Too much of a straight thing isn't always good

Excessively straightening hair, even with the right heat protection will inevitably dry out your hair and you'll be ending up trying to straightening out the frizz that has formed more and more to smoothen it out. Give your hair a break! Opt to let your natural tresses come out to play for a week long break (or more if you can manage!). Instead of reaching for heat, go for a curl booster to help your hair air dry beautifully and still keep that frizz calmer. Always try to use products suited best for your hair type although we definitely do love the Moroccanoil Cuel Defining cream which you can find here - http://www.everythinghair.co.za/moroccanoil-curl-defining-cream-250ml.html

3. Dye Crazy

Not everyone is a fan of grey hair (although it's still a HOT trend) or perhaps you feel your hair colour is getting dull - so you go for your favourite box dye to get your hair colour perfect. All of us probably done it at one point or the other but constant dying is a big cause of frizz! Our Tips: Remember to take your time if you are trying to go ligther. Not only is doing it in one go seriously damaging to your hair (and SERIOUS FRIZZ) but trying to go lighter all at once might end up with you not getting the results you want. Try and get it done professionally as they will know how to do it to get the colour you want, as well as taking their time to make sure there is very little damage. Our other tip, if you are always dying your hair, instead of using the permanent box dyes, go for the less harmful, amnonia free kinds. There are tons of them out there, right next to the other dyes you've been going for all this time! Your hair will thank you.

4. HOT HOT showers!

The saddest mistake yet because who doesn't love hot steamy showers? Well to answer that, your hair and skin apparently. Hot and long showers strips your hair and your skin of natural oils which cause dry, frizzy hair and dry, flaky skin. Try and opt for lukewarm water especially when doing your hair routine to keep the frizz at bay and your hair nicely nourished.

5. Moisture is your new bff

Get your hands on a great deep conditioning mask, like right now and vow to do a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. Frizzy hair is a definite sign that your hair is lacking moisture to keep your cuticles smooth. There are so so many great treatments out there, so make sure to choose one ideal for your hair type. Give our REF Mask a go, it's sulphate free! Also after styling your hair, Argan oil can literally be a saving grace as it gets absorbed into the hair like water without making it feel one bit greasy! Try our REF Argan Oil for yourself and see the difference!

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