Find your perfect shade!

Find your perfect shade!

appy Friday ladies! We all know the struggle with different screen resolutions and thinking "that's definitely my colour" but it isn't the case. So we want you to know our shades a little better! Here are all our colours and their examples in the hopes that it will make it a little bit easier to pick the PERFECT shade for you ♥.

P.S - Don't forget you can also send us your picture of your hair outside in natural light to to help you find the shade that will blend best with your hair ♥. Remember that a picture taken indoors in artificial lighting doesn't truly show off all the right tones in your hair ♥.


Let's get this started!


Jet Black is just that, a cool jet black with no undertones or hues, it is pure black. It is the darkest colour in our Clipinhair range. The pure black tones of our Jet Black Clipinhair Extensions shimmer and shine with a wintery cool.



Off Black is soft black shade with very subtle brown undertones in the sunlight. Off Black is the stepping stone colour between our Jet Black and DarkBrown shades. This colour emanates a warmth without losing the power often associated with black.



Dark Brown is our darkest brown shade with subtle warm undertones. This ‘super-cool’ brown is our most popular shade of Clipinhair for brunettes and suites those with both warm and cool undertones.



Chocolate brown is a rich medium multi-tonal brown with warm undertones. This deep brown colour is as deliciously chocolatey as it’s name suggests. The subtle rich warm hints, make it the perfect match for medium tone brunettes.



Chestnut brown is our light brown. It is a very soft natural brown shade. Dark blondes and light-haired brunettes will find this colour to be their perfect match; thanks to it’s subtle multi-dimensional highlights and lowlights.



Toffee Blonde, often referred to as beach blonde, is our darkest blonde available. This silvery dark blonde, with it’s cool undertones, is the ideal match for those dark blondes or very light brunettes.



Caramel Blonde has a light natural honey blonde tone with no highlights. This gorgeous colour mimics that of spun gold, and is the ideal match for blondes with warm tones.



A favourite colour amongst celebrities, the glossy Strawberry Blonde Clipinhair Extensions are a perfect match for those with light, gingery or slightly reddish blonde hair. This shade is full of subtle multi-dimensional tones making it a very natural colour. It is also an ideal colour to use for creating your own ombre effect.



Light Blonde is our second lightest shade with multi-tonal golden hues. The delicate colour, with it’s golden hues, is the epitome of sun-kissed beauty. The multi dimensional highlights and lowlights of the hair help it blend seamlessly with those cooler tones.



Platinum Blonde is our lightest shade of Clipinhair. It is a clear pale shade of blonde. The gorgeous shimmering Platinum Blonde Clipinhair Extensions display hints and hues of white silver and gold glitter throughout, making it a truly multi-dimensional colour.



Vibrant Auburn is a medium red glossy auburn shade. As it's name suggests this deep red auburn is all about the shine, shimmer and brightness of the natural redhead!



This gorgeous Ombre offers a sexy, subtle change that will capture just the right amount of attention. The luscious Dark Brown roots seamlessly melt into Chestnut brown ends, affording you a commitment-free, stylish Ombre look with Clipinhair's very own Remy human hair Extensions.


Get hair's hottest style without having to commit! The ever-popular dark-to-light Ombre look can be achieved with Clipinhair's very own Remy human hair Extensions. The top part of the extensions blend in beautifully with your chocolate coloured hair, and capture attention with their Toffee Blonde Ends.



This mystical and surreal Ombré is the perfect colour to create that magical aquamarine mermaid look. With it’s warm Off Black roots that effortlessly blend into gorgeous Teal ends, the Ombré Teal is perfect for a sexy yet playful look that you can recreate in just a matter of minutes.



This delicate rose look is recreated with a soft blend of Platinum Blonde roots into a exquisite soft Pink. The pretty yet adventurous look can be achieved with this glamorous Ombré Pink Clipinhair Extensions.


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