Ready, set - BANGS!

Ready, set - BANGS!

With our Clipin Bangs on special this month (in Caramel Blonde and Off Black) - we thought we should give you some cool pointers on how you can use your bangs to polish off some cute and hot new looks! We listed our top 5 ways to dress up your bangs with makeup, accessories and hairdo's! Hope you get inspired with these pretty looks!

1. Hat Attack - Pairing your bangs with a hat instantly makes it trendy! We are LOVING the floppy felt hat look, especially as it works through all the seasons ♥. These cuties can be found at - Mr Price Online.



2. Smokey Seduction - Sultry, smokey eyes with your bangs?? Yes and yes! Follow the simple pictorial to see how you can get the look. Perfect for date night or night out in town with friends ♥.



3. Sexy Shades - Since South Africa doesn't seem to have the most miserable winter, there are still a lot of chances to rock your favorite sunnies when the sun comes out to play! Oversized, oval shaped and pastel colours are hot stuff right now - so make sure to pair your full glamorous bangs with an equally glamorous pair of shades! ♥ We love these shades found on Superbalist by The Lot and Lundun! ♥



4. Perfect Wings - Opting to go low key on your makeup? Need to pretty up your eyes with your glasses and bangs? Adding a winged eye liner is the perfect way to polish up your look and make your bangs look effortlessly chic! ♥



5. To the TOP - Whether it's super neat or deliciously messy, a top knot is one of the easiest styles to pull off! Having your bangs perfectly frame your face while your hair is up in a cute top knot is such a simple way to make your bangs looks flawless! Of course, it doesn't hurt that it takes you like 5 minutes to recreate the whole look (BONUS!). Now being quick can still leave you being classy. A Monday morning must! ♥


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