Blue hair for a blue Monday!

Blue hair for a blue Monday!

Hello pretties! Monday's are known to be Blue Mondays and for a good reason! After a relaxing weekend at home, Monday's are the days that everything gets back to normal and back to the weekly school or work week routine... but (and there's ALWAYS a but), not every Monday has to be a blue one! ♥

Get some inspiration on how to make your Blue Monday a little better with these beautiful and mystical Blue Hair trends! Here are some of our favorite looks ♥:


1. We absolutely are gaga over this Teal Ombré look! This can be recreated with our Ombré Teal Clipinhair Extensions ♥.




2. We love the twist of this Blue Ombré as it fades to purple and pink. ♥



3. Two stunning trends in one! The vintage up roll and the dark blue shade looks so pretty! ♥



4. Mint Hair - don't care! Recently seen rocked by Kylie Jenner, this mint look seems to be the new pastel colour to go for ♥



5. This fishbone plait looks even cuter with this edgy light blue colour! ♥


6. How gorgeous! ♥ Love the faded blue ombré!



7. Such an elegant way to rock the blue hair look! Loving the flower accent ♥


8. Dark teal top bun for the win! ♥


9. With the use of Manic Panic Rockabilly Blue®, this cute colour came to be! ♥


10. This lavender blue ombré looks so pretty being faded from black hair! ♥

And a bonus because we such big fans of the teal blue!



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