TREND ALERT: Messy Braids are IN!

TREND ALERT: Messy Braids are IN!

Boring old braids are what we left (or should have left) behind when we were kids. Now it’s time to jump on the trend wagon and get inspired with some seriously STUNNING messy braids inspired from Instagram-Glam.

Milk maid braids are so edgy when they messy!

This is such a cute ombré braid! Notice the lack of hair ties? "Au Natural!”

A gorgeous thick braid that's messy is such a hot look!

Her braided bun looks so comfy and chic! The perfect casual look by making it less neat and MORE messy!

There is probably nothing that goes as well with beautiful flower crowns then a messy braid. Boho Princess!

Effortless making this her hair look so casual just by adding in a loose braid at her crown. With the loose waves in her pony, this is a STUNNER!

Letting her natural waves shine through in this messy fishplait is effortlessly adorable and so on trend!

Messy messy Dutch Braid. LOVE!

All it took was adding one braid along her hair to give this beautiful look! Wedding hair ideas??

Remember to try something new ladies. The world is full of hairstyles just waiting for you to explore!

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