5 Tips and Tricks for using Bobby Pins!

5 Tips and Tricks for using Bobby Pins!

Bobby pins are probably the best invention since wireless phones - pity us women go through thousands of them in our lifetime! Who knows where they disappear to! Regardless, we’ve got some brilliant tips to make use of next time you find them laying around at the bottom of your bag - Here are our top 5 tips and tricks! ❤


1. Firstly, have you been using your bobby pins the wrong way all this time? Most of us don’t know that the correct way to get a proper grip is to use them the wavy side down (even I’ve been using mine wrong for years!). To get an even better grip, place them on a piece of tissue and spray them down with REF Shinespray before popping them in.


Remember that the wavy side offers you the perfect grip!

2. Jazz up your fish plait braids by sliding in cute bobby pins along the plait to create a fresh twist on a plain braid.


Cute pins really amp up a simple braid!

3. Give limp ponytails a much needed lift but sliding in bobby pins on the top of your head where your hairband sits and instantly give it a great boost. Best used with two bobby pins. Add an extra bobby pin should you have more hair.


Lift up your ponytail with bobby pins!

4. Exposed bobby pins are a great trend! Have fun with your hairstyles by using colorful bobby pins to create a new look when you need to pin your hair up. The hashtag is super cute for side partings and the triangle and star shape looks gorgeous when securing your half-up do.


The options are endless with this awesome exposed bobby pin trend!

5. Have longer lasting curls by taking a freshly curled piece of hair (The Babyliss Mircacurl creates the PERFECT curl! On a great special for the month) and twist it in a circle and securing it with a bobby pin. Once you’ve finished your whole head, let it sit for another 5 minutes - take out the pins and VOILA! You have long lasting curls. Spritz on some hairspray to lock in the look all day long.


Keep those curls going all day by pinning them up just after you’ve heat curled it!

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