Biggest Celeb Hair Transformations

Biggest Celeb Hair Transformations

The Oscars have come and gone - and not without a few hairdo changes. Whether it’s the chopping of locks, changing of colour, or adding length - when you feel like a change in Hollywood, it’s usually your hair that gets it - and why not? Changing one's hair is the easiest way to change your entire appearance, hopefully for the better!

We’ve chosen 21 of the biggest celeb hair transformations of all time. Let us know which ones you LOVE or LOATHE by commenting below!

1. Hair trendsetter, Jennifer Aniston, is know for her Chameleon ways and has changed her hair to suit her every mood.



2. Keira Knightley gets a highlighted cropped ‘do for her role in Domino - leaving her Pirates of the Caribbean Chestnut Brown look behind.


3.Anne Hathaway chopped her locks into a boy-cut for her academy-award winning role in Les Miserables.


4. And Natalie Portman went BALD for her role in V for Vendetta!

5. Angelina Jolie softens her look with a transformation from Off Black to Light Blonde.

6. Emma Watson shed her ‘Hermione look’, and went for a super-short pixie cut.

7. Miley is another star who made the break from her child-star image; going from a cute Toffee Ombre to a Platinum Blonde crop


8. Katy Perry got the world’s tongues wagging when she went from Jet Black to... Seaweed Green?


9. And Kylie Jenner ended up in hot water with her mom, Kris Jenner, when she decided to go from Chestnut Ombre to Mermaid Ombre right before half-sister, Kim K’s, big day!



10. Anna Paquin decided she needed a change at the end of True Blood, and went from her well-known Light Blonde to Purple!


11. Yet no one really know why Nicole Ritchie ditched her warm brunette look in favour of a purple hue.


12. Britney shed her traditional Caramel Blonde look for a more fiery Vibrant Auburn version when she launched her Vegas show-run.


13. And Margot Robbie decided that brunettes have just as much fun as blondes.

14. Olivia Wilde on the other hand, got bored of brunette and decided to give Honey Blonde a bash.


15. Jennifer Love Hewitt is another brunette who went blonde, in order to give her a break from her “series” look.


16. Kaley Cucuo-Sweeting was a little more extreme - she escaped the the “Penny-look” from the Big Bang Theory by chopping her hair into a severe pixie cut!

17. Jennifer Lawrence was also tired of her character Katniss Everdeen’s Dark Brown, and tried to return to her original Toffee Blonde. However, the amount of dye used had damaged her hair too much, so she cut it into a cute pixie ‘do.

18. Shailene Woodley didn’t need need an excuse to go short - she just wanted a change!



19. Vanessa Hudgens also got over her long Toffee Blonde hair and opted for an Toffee Ombre bob


20. Emma Roberts took the scissors to her long Light Blonde hair in order to create a more “grown-up” look.


21. The queen of hair transformation is Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham. She’s transformed her look so many times it’s hard to keep up! But her most shocking, was the change from long, soft Chocolate Brown hair to a severe Off Black Boy Cut!

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