10 Things your stylist ISN'T telling you about extensions!

10 Things your stylist ISN'T telling you about extensions!

When it comes to extensions there is a world of choice - and the type your stylist is stocking may not actually be right for your hair! There are clipins, glue-ins, tape-in, Keratine tape, and woven extensions to name a few! Then you get different types of both synthetic and human hair extensions and a massive range of colours! To top it off, not all of these extensions are right for everyone...and your stylist may not share all the info you need to make sure you’re getting the extensions that are right for you! Read these 10 MUST-KNOW things to consider before getting your extensions!

1. Do some research. Go online and check out what type of hair extensions are out there and who they are recommended for. If your stylist is using a specific brand, head over to their website and read their FAQ section as well as their client reviews. When you discuss extensions options with your stylist make sure you understand what they are telling you and never be afraid to ask questions.

Do your research - read FAQs and Reviews

2. Glue-in's are really meant for coarse, thick stranded hair. If you have medium to fine hair, avoid glue-in hair extensions altogether as they can lead to some terribly sticky situations, (think bubblegum caught in your hair!).


Avoid glue-in extensions - Go Clipin!

3. Hair extensions need to be looked after correctly and the different types aren't looked after in the same way. Make sure you find out how to wash, store, style, and generally look after your extensions before you get them. The maintenance required could dictate which kinds of extensions you opt for.


Look after your extensions - Use a clipinhair extensions carrier

4. Extensions don’t last forever! They have a shorter lifespan than you would imagine. On average, if you take excellent care of them, tape-ins last up to six to eight weeks; glue-ins last four to eight weeks; and protein-bonded extensions last six to eight weeks. The only kind of extensions that last up to a year are Clipin extensions, as taking care of them is easy and you don’t have to put them through the stresses of sleeping, swimming, and frequent washing.


Clipinhair extensions last longer ❤

5. The way you live will dictate the kind of hair extensions you should get and where they should be placed, so speak up! Do you swim daily, wear your hair up a lot, love alice bands? All of these little details will help your stylist know what kind of hair extensions will suit you. Swimmers should be using Clipinhair, so they can be removed each day before swiming. If you wear glasses, the wefts may need to be placed differently - not too close to your ears. This will make sure that your hair suits your day-to-day life and doesn't become a hindrance.


Match your extensions to your life

6. It takes time getting used to your hair extensions. Having longer, thicker hair is going to require extra effort, and some getting used to. But once you have your hair routine down, they’ll feel as natural as they look.


Extensions require effort

7. Clipinhair extensions often offer the best value for money. You are paying for quality extensions (make sure they are 100% Indian or Brazillian hair) that will last up-to 1 year. They won’t damage your own hair in anyway and are definitely easier to style, manage and take care of.


We love Clipinhair ❤

8. Always go somewhere reputable to have your glue-in, tape-in, and protein-bonded extensions put in. Extensions are a costly lifestyle commitment, so set up a consultation before you commit to a stylist or certain kind - and make sure that they have a long list of happy clients and it's not the first time they are attaching extensions - you want to know that they’ve been doing this a long time before they touch your hair!


Buy from a reputable establishment

9. Don’t be tricked into paying more for Virgin Human Hair extensions, as 99% of the time they’re not. Virgin hair is hair that has never been through any type of chemical process, and will need to be dyed and styled to suit your own hair. If the hair you are getting is dyed, dead straight or waved, then they are not Virgin. All this means is that you should not dye the extensions, and if you do, only go darker - if you go lighter you’ll damage them.


99% of extensions are not made with Virgin hair

10. If you often use heated styling tools on your own hair, then it's better to go for cuticle-correct human hair extensions over synthetic extensions. If synthetic is your only option due to budget, then make sure you know exactly what their heating restrictions are.


Avoid using heat on synthetic extensions

These 10 considerations will make sure that you choose the best hair extensions for you and your hair allowing you to enjoy them to the max!

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