According to Corrine Sweet, sleeping positions are a body language and transmit something about each couple: “During sleep, you cannot fake your body language. This is the time when you are honest, vulnerable and your sleeping position can reveal a lot about your relationship.” Here are ten sleeping positions that will give you some insight into your relationship. Look for the photo that closest represents your sleepin pattern and read the description below.

The Spoon position: “genitals against buttocks”, this position is most common in the first few years of a relationship and provides maximum closeness for you and your partner.

The Honeymoon Hug: A common position in those first few months of a relationship when you are so completely engrossed with eachother you wish you could be physically fused together. A common position just after lovemaking. This position can also indicate lack of independence in a relationship.

Shingles: So if your head is the one that rests on the others shoulder you are most likely the more dependent and compliant in the relationship and vice versa. This could be seen as an attempt to focus all your attention on your partner.

Sweetheart’s Cradle: This is a more intimate position than the “shingles” and very nurturing because the partner is being held and almost brought in “under the wing” of the partner.

Loosely Tethered:  A few more years into a marriage or relationship often has partner’s feeling secure enough to put some space between them, maintaining the emotional connection through lightly touching, a knee, hand or foot.

Leg Hug:  This is rather casual contact between partners and may indicate that the couple is not comfortable expressing affection at this time, as it is an indirect expression of affection. Common after a fight. The position may also indicate a healthy friendship in the relationship.

Pursuit: This one can be quite tricky. When a partner retreats to the side of a bed it may indicate that he needs some space, howvever it may actually be that he has created the distance because he fells like he wants to be persued by the other party.

Zen Style: Ever heard of the Venn Diagram? 2 circles, seperate but overlapping? This position may indicate the need of both partners for space. The buttocks normally touch to allow for private connection, but at the same time promoting independence in the relationship by not clinging onto eachother.

The Cliff Hanger: Time to have a little chat. This is a retreating position, an indication of rejection of the other party. It could also just mean that you are a noisy sleeper and your partner has decided they need some space to get a good night’s rest.

The Crab: Warning alarms sound when just looking at this picture. This could be a subconscious need for both parties to pull away from the relationship or marriage. On the flip side he/she may just be a rather creative sleeper.

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