Wait!! Before you chop those gorgeous Locks!

I felt the absolute dire need to write this article for a few weeks now. To all my gorgeous friends with your medium length or long locks… STOP and read this before you decide to cut it all off!

This is my own personal experience, my goal is to make sure those long hair lovers out there are all completely aware of what to expect once your gorgeous long hair is GONE!

I have never been daring with my hair’s length… as in NEVER cut it short. As most of you know – I love long hair! My hair has always trailed somewhere between my bra strap and my waist. My hair has at most times been a dark brown colour, until I recently started dyeing my hair Chestnut Ombre. I LOVE the ombre look, and although you can create the look with hair extensions only and it looks amazing when curled, I found that I wanted more of a Balayage effect when my hair is straight as well, which is why I ombre’d my own hair the same colour as my extensions.

This is a picture of my Medium length hair before I cut it –  without FrontRow extensions

Now after all that bleaching, my ends become very dry and brittle, as I naturally have quite a coarse textured hair. While damaged hair is not always first prize, my hair blended in seamlessly with my FrontRow extensions, no one ever knew I was wearing extensions.

This is my Medium Length hair with FrontRow Extensions

So one morning I woke up, (as you do) and decided it was time for a change… I wanted blonde hair! I had to cut my hair to get rid of all those damaged ends!

Ok, here goes:

#1. A hairdresser’s idea of LONG BOB and your idea of long bob could be very different. The hairstyle I wanted was actually shoulder length and didn’t have any very short layers. I wanted to still be able to tie up my hair, but ended up with layers about 2 inches long at the top and underneath. Needless to say, I can’t tie up my hair without a million bobby pins Be careful who you trust to give you the chop, and don’t go too short. I recommend sticking with your shortest layer below your ear if you plan to wear extensions sometimes.

#2. Do not cut your hair short so you can dye it blonde and it will still look healthy. My very short hair is now just as damaged as my long hair was + all the additional problems which I will be discussing below.

#3. Short hair is MORE HARD WORK! My goodness, I used to be able to just grab a croc clip and voila my hair looked gorgeous! I can’t even clip my hair up. Bobby pins, bobby pins, bobby pins and more bobby pins to just get the stuff out my face!! It’s driving me nuts as you can tell.

#4. I have frizzy hair, so the wash-and-go look I was going for can never work. If you have frizzy hair – don’t cut your hair short, unless you are willing to put in some hours styling your hair.

#5. Styling everyday! When I had long hair, I could go without washing my hair for 3 days. Now, I wake up in the morning and I look like a rooster or rag doll, so have to style my hair all over again if I want to look pretty. Never mind the fact that I CAN’T TIE IT UP!

#6. Braids – If your layers are as short as mine, say goodbye to braids without 100 million bobby pins and hairspray to hold the short layers in place, the extensions help hide the short layers, but there will always be those pieces that keep falling out.

If you feel you have made the ultimate mistake of cutting your gorgeous long hair too short, try a set of our gorgeous FrontRow hair extensions, they have definitely made my bad hair days prettier…

This is my short hair without and then with FrontRow extensions

Much Love!



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