August 11, 2014 3 min read


Have you ever had a guy running for the hills the moment you start to fall for him? Or perhaps he’s silently drifted into the stratosphere in a sea of unanswered texts and calls. Whatever his preferred method of escape, that fact is he’s vanished – and he’s taken a chunk of your bruised heart with him.

Ladies, if you’ve ever experienced this strange and upsetting behaviour, we think we know the reason why: you may be too clingy. If your crush is ignoring your calls or blowing hot and cold, these 7 tips might help you to win back his heart. Because believe us, it’s possible to show him you’re interested without smothering him!

Stop texting him constantly

If you’ve been having a two-way texting conversation, it’s okay to message him first from time to time. But if you’re texting him every 10 minutes and he’s not responding, you’re being way too clingy. Wait for him to text you, or try to space out your messages so that you only contact him when you have a valid reason to do so.

Get your own life

If you’re constantly fretting over his silences, you’re probably feeling insecure – which goes hand-in-hand with clinginess. This nervous vibe is very off-putting to guys, so make sure you have plenty of your own hobbies and interests to keep you occupied. That way, you won’t focus solely – and fretfully – on your guy.

Stop following him

Just because you know where he works, hangs out and exercises doesn’t mean you should show up in those places. Not only will it freak him out, but it’ll annoy him too. This is definitely not good for your relationship, and super it’s clingy.

Stop stalking him on social media

Overanalysing his social media activity is going to drive you nuts, plus it’s going to make you look like a creepy stalker. Sure, it’s okay to check out what he’s doing online from time to time, but analysing every tiny detail makes you look desperate, and your guy will sniff it out. If you’re cyber-stalking him to the point that you’re anxious, it’s gone too far and you definitely need to take a step back, Clingy McClingerson.

Stop mistrusting him

Clinginess often springs from insecurity and the fear of not being loved. But when you don’t trust your guy’s feelings, you may force yourself on him, which actually just pushes him away. It’s a vicious cycle so don’t let it start. Being jealous or insecure is a huge turn-off. Girl, you gotta chill!

You’re too available

It’s hard not to be at a guy’s beck and call when you’re all googly-eyed over him, but resist! Being overly available shows your insecurities and also opens you up to being used or manipulated. Guys love the chase, so let him do a little work too! It’s guaranteed to pique his interest.

Don’t move too fast

Stop talking wedding plans on the second date! Okay, that’s an extreme example, but if you’re introducing him as your boyfriend after the first date or talking about the future after just a few weeks, you’re in Clingyville and he’s going to flee. Guys don’t like feeling pressured so you need to give him his breathing room.

Go from clingy to confident in 1, 2, 3!

If you identify with any of these points, you definitely need to take a step back and be more confident. He’d be lucky to have you, and if he doesn’t realise that, he’s not worth your time!

Start by spending time focusing on you – hang out with your friends or give yourself a makeover for an instant confidence boost. There’s nothing like a hot new look to show him just what he’d be missing. Why not get a glam makeover with a set of gorgeous hair extensions? One look at you and he’ll be begging youto call him!

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