If you want to achieve Rihanna’s fiery hot red hair, we recommend starting with a blonde colour and dyeing them red. Colours like, Red, pink and purple and the ever popular ombre are having a lot of ladies opt for the choice of dyeing their extensions. It is possible to dye hair extensions, but just like you need to take care of your own hair when colouring it, the same rules apply to your hair extensions. Please be advised that improperly colouring hair extensions can cause the hair to shed and weaken.

Here are some tips to help you when colouring your extensions:

The quality of your hair extensions determines their lifespan, they can last from a few months to a few years, depending on the type and quality of the extensions. Permanent hair extensions are generally very high quality as they undergo a lot of stress with washing and heat styling and need to last a few months. Good quality Clip in hair extensions generally last much longer. It is natural to want to change the colour of your extensions in their lifetime to match your new look. I do however strongly recommend that any hair extension colouring is performed by a professional stylist, as dying hair extensions alters the hair and voids even the best warranty. Good stylist will probably know the tips below, but it is better for you to be informed, so you can ask the neccessary questions before allowing anyone to alter your prized extensions!


Human hair extensions are pretty much identical to your own hair, so it can be said that anything you can do to your own hair, you can do to your extensions. This means it should be possible to heat style and dye your extensions. Before you go ahead and dye your complete set of extensions, strand testing is critical in order to check the safety of colouring your extensions. The strand test will confirm whether it is safe or not for you to colour your extensions. Prepare a small amount of dye and apply it to a small section of your hair extensions. Leave the dye on the hair for about 24 hours to check the effects of the dye and then continue with colouring the rest of the hair. Human Hair Extensions While you can dye good quality human hair extensions, it is not recommended that you colour synthetic hair extensions or bad quality hair extensions. Remember that the test strand is so important, because some extensions can not be coloured and exposure to chemicals and dyeing them will in some cases irreversibly damage your hair extensions.

Lightening effect

Lightening your hair extensions will be more difficult and risky than darkening the hair. As with your own hair, bleaching can damage the hair a lot. If you want to ombre extensions, I recommend purchasing a lighter set and dyeing the top of the extensions a little darker to avoid having to use any bleach on the hair. If you want to lighten the hair wthout bleaching, you can just dye the hair the colour you wish to achieve, and while this will leave a tint of dark shade, re-colouring the extensions over and over to remove the orange shade should eventually be successful. Colouring will need to be repeated over intervals of a few days, usually 3 times will be enough to achieve the desired shade.

Bleaching your extensions

If you decide that bleaching is still the best option for you, you will need to strip the hair first. In general black hair reduces to brown after stripping it twice. Making your extensions lighter is a great way to make your extensions appear more natural. Follow these tips when bleaching your extensions: After stripping the hair, give it a day or two before applying the bleach. You will need to use a really good brand of bleach, prepare the solution in a bowl and submerge the extensions completely in the solution. Leave the extensions to soak as long as is neccessary before washing away the bleach. Don’t forget that this process could severly damage your hair extensions, as you may need to apply the bleach a few times when lightening the hair. Use a toner to assist in blending any left over tint after coloring.


Even using a colour-rinse can damage your hair extensions and alter their texture. While these colour rinses are slightly less damaging we still implore you to – leave the colouring to the stylists.Invest in extensions that are great quality and the right colour to have them last as long as possible.


I strongly suggest that after altering the colour of your hair extensions in any way, that you treat them with a great moisturizing treatment. You can use some heated olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil, if you don’t own a good salon bought treatment. Leave the oil on the hair overnight, when rinsing, rinse thoroughly, do not shampoo the extensions, but use conditioner only, as this contains cleansing agents and will mask the smell of the olive oil.


Please note that hair extensions can’t be returned once the colour has been altered in any way. Pre-dyed Extensions Buying pre-coloured hair extensions allows you to select a colour closest to your own hair. FrontRow Clip-in hair extensions unique multi-tone colour adapt system will allow the extensions to blend with your own hair, even if they are a shade or 2 lighter or darker than your own hair. Visit our clip-in hair extensions page to view all the available colours for purchase or contact us if you are struggling to choose the right colour and we will be happy to assist you!

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