13 things every girl with thick hair has experienced

Sometimes, thick hair isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, your friends probably envy your luscious tresses, but they don’t know the truth: that they take forever to dry and that your floors, carpets and clothes are constantly covered in random strands. In fact, you could make a wig out of all the hair you shed – just on a daily basis!

Here are 13 more things all ladies with thick hair will definitely relate to.

1. Low water pressure is the enemy. A trickle of water means you have to run around in your shower to get all your hair wet – and washing it takes for ever.

2. Hair bands? You have them in your car, your handbag, your pockets and around your wrists because your thick hair is constantly breaking them

3. Bed head is your worst nightmare – and if you try to hide it under a hat, it only rebels more.

4. You have to set your alarm clock half an hour earlier every morning just to tame your mane.

5. Your hair always gets caught in stuff, car doors, fans… the list goes on.

6. Humidity? More like ‘humiliate me’! Thanks, moist air – I always dreamed of looking like a mad scientist when I bumped into my crush.

7. Frizz puts a total kink in your party plans. One moment your hair is picture perfect and the next it’s a gigantic, uber-uncool afro.

8. You run the risk of smothering your partner with your hair when you spoon. Not cute.

9. During meals, you’ve found yourself accidentally eating your hair – while it’s still attached to your head.

10.Your hair is always in someone’s way and seems to have a life of its own.

11. You can’t recall how many times you’ve tangled your hairbrush in your locks – or how many times you’ve apologised to hairstylists who’ve done the same thing while trying to remove knots.

12. You don’t need a set of dumbbells to get a great bicep workout – you just need to plait your hair!

13. You spend more money on getting your hair thinned than your friends spend on their entire wardrobes – including shoes!

Thick hair, don’t care (because I’ve got a secret!)

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