Hey Girls, We have worked with the Glam Squad before at weddings, corporate events, film shoots etc… They are super friendly and reliable. Contact them for all your on location hair and make-up needs! They offer a service which can provide multiple stylists and make-up artists if need be for larger groups.

With The Glam Squad, you will always be ready ON TIME! Make your special function a big deal, for small money

The Glam Squad not only offers hair styling, but also offers professional hairdressing services in the comfort of your own home. Stylists are available in both Johannesburg and Pretoria, so you will not need to travel at all if your event is in either of these regions. Passionate and creative stylists, who are friendly and will always have you feeling relaxed and provide you with information on the most up to date trends. They listen carefully to your requirements and will make sure you feel like a SUPER Model by the time they are finished with you.

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