The Babyliss curl secret is perfect for those who have trouble curling their own hair with traditional curling methods. It does look quite big and cumbersome, but it is a really functional way to create bouncy curls. You can pick them up at Clicks for about R1300.

Hair is automatically drawn into the ceramic curl chamber where it is gently heated from all sides to form a perfect curl.

It has 3 timer settings (8,10 and 12 seconds) for different curl effects. (Wavy, Large and tight). I might as well mention before I start this review, that I am a huge fan of quite a few Babyliss products and actually use their curling tongs all the time. I was not paid by Babyliss to do this review and everything below is my honest opinion on this product.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The first thing that amazed me about this product, was that not once during the entire curling process did the hair get stuck in the curling chamber. Basically, you place the styler at the root of the hair, with the open part of the curl chamber towards your head. Firmly close the handles together to allow the hair to be drawn into the curl chamber. Hold the styler closed untill it beeps in quick succession, this means the curl is ready, release the curl.

EASY TO USE: I found it quite awkward to use on someone else’s hair, while doing it on my own hair was really simple. I think it is really designed as a self use tool.

NO CURL ALTERNATING FUNCTIONALITY: I was a little disappointed that the one I used did not have the button for alternating the direction of the curls, like I had seen on international reviews on the product, so make sure you are aware whether the one you buy has this functionality or not. The result was that the curls all seemed to lie in the same direction, where as I find alternating curls give you a more natural effect. It also makes it impossible to direct the curls around your face away from your face which is the way I like to style mine.

TOOK LONG: It does take some time to do your entire head of hair with this tool as you can only use hair strands that are about an inch thick at a time. Also the hair must be completely dry.

If by some chance your hair does get stuck (Heaven forbid) apparently the Curl Secret will sound a warning beep and automatically let go of your hair.

NOT GREAT FOR LONG HAIR: Some people have said that it is best to use this product on shorter hair, no longer than bust length as otherwise the ends of the hair which wrap around the ceramic plates last may not curl. For longer hair, you need to start curling about 5cm away from the hair root. I read everywhere, that it is not really advisable to use it on your hair extensions. However, I did do this and didn’t pick up any problems.

BEACHY SPIRAL CURLS: The curls created by the Babyliss Curl secret are more beachy, spiral curls, than the nice big waves I usually create with my curling tongs.

My final few words on this product: Great for those who struggle to curl their own hair. Traditional curling tools and methods are still the best choice for professionals. 

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