7 Ways to stop obsessing over that guy 

We all love the feeling of being in love, but sometimes being hooked on a guy can be bad news – like when he’s dating someone else or just isn’t that into you. It’s upsetting and frustrating, and it distracts you from all the other important things in your life, like potentially finding someone else.

Thankfully, it’s totally possible to reclaim your life – and your headspace – by following these seven steps.

1. Stop stalking him on social media. A ‘quick peek’ at his latest info turns into hours of anguished staking. Stop! This is totally counterproductive. Remove or block him on all your social networks – remember: ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

2. Hang out with other guys. This dude is not the only guy on the planet, and the sooner you start hanging out with other men, the sooner you’ll realise it – and potentially find someone new.

3. Spend more time with family and friends. When it comes to curing an obsession, it’s all about distracting yourself. The loneliness you feel when you’re by yourself, thinking about this guy, can be cured by doing things you enjoy with people you love. The better you fill the void, the less you’ll obsess. And don’t be tempted to talk about him when you’re out with others – you’ll just irritate them and it won’t help you get over him!

4. Get a hobby. Keeping your mind busy with other things prevents it from boomeranging back to thoughts of him. Take up a hobby, a side job or a new sport. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t have extra time on your hands to let your mind wander.

5. Get stuck into a good book. Nothing transports you out of your own reality like escaping into another one. Reading also takes a great deal of mental power, so you won’t be able to follow the story and obsess about your guy at the same time. Just don’t choose anything too sexy, or you’ll be straight back to thinking about him!

6. Take a holiday. Escaping for a short break – even just two days, somewhere local – could be enough to distract you sufficiently from your obsession, especially if you turn it into an all-girls’ party weekend or a relaxing family break.

7. Get a brand-new look. Stop thinking about him and start thinking about YOU! There’s nothing like a mini makeover to make you feel better about yourself. And let’s be honest: when you look hot, you’ll want to get out there and meet new people, not obsess about someone who isn’t interested. So treat yourself to that glam new look – it’s the best thing you can do for your self-esteem!

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