Scroll down for pics from a recent photoshoot of Kim wearing this hairstyle using her Frontrow Extensions

A timeless classic, the Dutch fishtail braid can be worn all year round and works wonders on day 2 hair. This intricately beautiful hairstyle combines the best of both worlds – a chic fishtail that has been reversed like a Dutch braid and brought to the front to frame the face perfectly.

What sets this apart from a typical fishtail braid is the motion of crossing pieces of hair underneath each other (instead of above) and adding loose hair to the outer strand each time.

To avoid a limp, sad-looking braid, boost the volume and length of your hair with a set of our 220g Latte Blonde Hair Extensions and finish off by gently tugging at the edges of the braid for a softer, fuller effect.

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Once we have secured the end of the braid with a hair elastic, we gently tug at the edges to really fan it out and create a mass of volume.



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