Ladies if you’re looking for a man, Don’t Cut your Hair!

According to research, men prefer long, wavy and shiny locks to short hair.

43% of men voted the below look sported by Cheryl Cole as their number 1 sexiest look for a woman’s hair. The second most popular look was Jennifer Aniston’s long straight hair.

The next most popular look was the classic short bob, seen on pop singer Rihanna. Straight mid-length styles, similar to Gwyneth Paltrow came in at fourth place.  Victoria Beckham’s Pixie cut was the least favourite of the Top 5.


Long hair is traditionally linked to a woman’s femininity. Hair is such a defining part of a woman’s appearance. Nearly half of the men interviewed preferred Cheryl Cole’s Long hair look, and even though men chose long “Natural” hair as their favourite hairstyle, woman would need to spend an hour or 2 with a curling iron to achieve perfectly straight or wavy locks. Most of us are not blessed with naturally long, wavy hair.

Thank goodness for products like clip-in hair extensions which allow us to create this look, even if we were not blessed with Natural, thick and glossy flowing locks! When it comes to Katie Holmes’ Bowl cut, men favoured Victoria’s Pixie cut.  A third of men said they hate it when women have perfectly groomed hair. They would much rather run their fingers through soft, natural styles (The styles that take the most effort to achieve with the help of straighteners and curling irons).

Another tip:  Make sure you don’t load on the styling products, men also had bad things to say about hair that was hard and tangled due the hardness created by styling products. Shiny hair also earned 72% of men’s votes over hair with little or no gloss. Luckily with today’s technology, we are able to achieve these looks in shorter amounts of time. Otherwise our dear men would be waiting even LONGER for us to get ready.

Careful ladies, a quarter of men said they are not brave enough to give an honest opinion of a woman’s new hairstyle. So use your own discretion. It is your hair though after all, so try new styles, cut it short, there are always hair extensions if you or your man hates your new Do!

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