How to Create the Perfect Wavy Hair with the Frontrow Waver!

How to Create the Perfect Wavy Hair with the Frontrow Waver!

Soft, natural waves have always been in fashion, as an effortlessly chic look. Seen on influencers and celebrities alike, wavy hair has an organic beauty that adds texture and movement to any hairstyle. Wavy hair also has a unique versatility that allows it to be worn in a variety of ways, from loose beachy waves to elegant updos. Adding waves can be a great way to frame your face in a flattering way that looks natural and complements your facial features. Overall, wavy hair adds texture and volume, making it look more dynamic and interesting.

Image of woman with perfect beach waves in her hair

Our Frontrow waver tool can help you achieve this stunning look. It’s super easy to use, with three barrels that ensure the waves are created three times faster than a regular curling tong, as well as four different heat settings. Each barrel is coated in tourmaline, which is the healthier option for your hair. There is also a metal clasp at the bottom which allows you to rest it on any surface while still hot. 

Product image of Frontrow waver styling tool

How to use your Frontrow waver:

  1. Spray a high quality heat protectant on your hair (and extensions if applicable) before starting - this step is non-negotiable This will prevent heat damage and preserve hair health.
  2. Separate your hair into layers and do one at a time, waving a section of hair piece by piece.
  3. Hold the hair in the waver for at least five seconds before letting go.
  4. Keep going until you’re all done!

It really is as simple as that - an efficient way to style your hair that’s on trend and effortlessly chic. If you’re still unsure, here’s a video of our Frontrow waver in use: 

Once you’ve achieved your perfect waves, there are a number of hairstyles that work perfectly with wavy hair. Here are some ideas of what you can do:

The most obvious and one that requires the least effort is to let those waves loose and leave your hair as is, whether your hair is short or long, thin or thick, waves give your hair an interesting sense of movement that elevates any look.

Image of woman with wavy hair

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can put your wavy hair into a low ponytail with a stunning accessory to complement your look. This gives you a ‘put together’ look while still accentuating your wavy hair. Alternatively, if you want to keep your hair loose, but still want the added effect of the accessory, you can use a head scarf as a way to add a pop of colour while still allowing for the face framing waves to shine through.

Image of woman with wavy hair and a head scarf

So there you have it, effortless beach waves created easily and beautiful with our waver styling tool.

If you decide to try it out for yourself, don’t forget to tag us in any videos or photos - we love to see our Frontrow Family in action!

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