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November 18, 2015 3 min read


Hi Everyone! Many people have asked me if you can dye your FrontRow Clip-in Extensions. My answer is always that you are able to dye them because they are human hair, as a general rule I recommend going darker only, I never recommend bleaching the extensions. If you are struggling to find a colour that matches your hair, it is best to go for a lighter colour and darken it to match your hair. Lately,  I have had a few requests from people who have been looking for this Purple Plum colour. I get sent the below picture about every 2 weeks where someone is looking for the colour.

I don’t stock the colour as yet and normally advise that the customer buys a Sandy Blonde set and dyes them this colour. The lightness of the Sandy Blonde creates a lot of vibrance, while the darker blonde tone in it adds to the darkness and mysteriousness of the colour.

I have created a full step by step picture guide below as to how I achieved the correct colour! I recently decided that blonde hair doesn’t suit me as well as dark – Well I decided this for about the 10th time now after destroying my hair with bleach. So after dyeing my own hair dark again, I had a blonde set of extensions – sitting lonely and unused screaming dye me, dye me!

STEP 1! I popped to Clicks to pick up some hair dye. I decided to go for the ammonia free ranges from Loreal to try save the extensions from too much damage. I bought Violet Black dye and a Ebony black box dye. I ended up using 2 different types of dye, so I wouldn’t confuse the 2 colours while applying the product. Below is a picture of all the items I used while dyeing the hair. The Morrocan oil shampoo and masque was for after rinsing – The dye does come with great conditioning products as well.

STEP 2! I tested the dye on a small one clip weft, this was to make sure that the dye didnt cause too much damage to the extensions and also to check that the colour would turn out as I was hoping it would.

STEP 3! Once I was happy with the result of the one clip weft, I started to dye the extensions. I started with the black colour of the Ombre first. I applied the dye as per the pic and rubbed it into the hair using my fingers. Once I had completed the front, I turned the hair around, brushed it and did the back as well.


STEP 4! I then proceeded to colour the end of the hair with the purple colour. I pushed the dye right up into the black using my fingers and once again after finishing one side, turned the hair around to do the other side. It takes time to work the dye into the hair, make sure you do this properly to avoid patches.


STEP 5!  I checked the piece of hair after brushing and filled in the spaces not completely coated in dye and rubbed it in thoroughly.

STEP 6! Don't throw your leftover dye away! Leave the hair for 15 minutes before rinsing with COLD water and then applying your moisturising treatment. Rinse with cold water to avoid the colours running into eachother, let the water run away from the light colour when rinsing the dark colour. If you find that after the hair is dry you see some patches that are not the correct colour, reapply dye in these areas, brush the dye through and then rinse again.

STEP 7! Dye your own hair to match the top colour of the Ombre if you have decided to go for the ombre look. This is the only pic I had after dyeing my hair – LOL

STEP 8! THE RESULTS! See images below.