Hair extension manufacturing is probably not as glamorous as the end results obtained by wearing our gorgeous FrontRow hair extensions. Hair is a messy business and China is a well very “industrial” place. Rest assured, knowing that FrontRow hair is ethically sourced from women who grow and sell their hair to the hair manufacturers. We also are creating a wealth of employment by wearing these magnificent confidence boosters. The hair undergoes quite a few processes, before it is delivered to your door as the beautiful soft, flowing tresses you receive.

Below I take you through the process in some detail.

We import our hair extensions from China. The hair is collected from all over India, Russia and China and placed in bundles of different grades according to the health of the hair. FrontRow uses only the healthiest hair collected.

The hair is combed through using special industrial brushes designed not to damage the hair, get rid of any tangles:

The hair is placed into large barrels of dye and left for the time it takes to colour the hair to the required colour. Some colours undergo this process many times.

The hair is then rinsed of all dye residue.

The hair is hung up and left to dry naturally.

The hair is combed out for a second time.

The hair is sewn together into a weft.

The hair is ironed straight with an industrial hair iron.

The clips are sewn onto the wefts.

The hair is checked and packed.

We receive the hair and check it again while repacking. The hair arrives at your door with a test weft to check colour and length. We pack it and send it to you, the customer using local South African couriers.

Now you know where they come from.

Front Row’s high quality clip in hair extensions will give you that gorgeous super-model glam look you have always dreamed of. Check out our beautiful range of hair extensions now, and treat yourself to a hot new look for a hot new life!

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