This hair tutorial will show you how to create a high sock bun. It’s a beautiful and easy bun that can be worn as a basic everyday hairstyle or to a glamorous event.

For this hairstyle you will need:

*A paddle brush

*Small elastics that you can get from Clicks

*A pair of clean socks that you can cut


*Some bobbypins


*And of course your set of FrontRow clip-in hair extensions, I used my Chestnut Ombre 220gram set.

You can have a look at them here:

Chestnut Ombre Extensions

You can also have a look at my high ponytail tutorial here: High Ponytail Tutorial

You’re going to grab your pair of socks, and depending what size you want your doughnut/bun to be you can just use one sock or you can use both, you are then going to cut off the toes of the socks. You can then just feed the one sock into the other, making sure they are aligned with each other. Then you can roll or fold them into a doughnut.

The next step is going to be to create a high ponytail using your FrontRow clip-in extensions (see link above). Once you are happy with your ponytail you can use some hairspray and bobbypins to secure any flyaway hairs.

Next you are going to take your doughnut that you made, put your hand through it and just feed your ponytail through the doughnut. Then you can creat a waterfall effect with your hair over the doughnut to cover it completely and simply slide your small elastic over the hair and doughnut to secure your bun. You can then move and mold your bun into the shape you want.

The remaining hair hanging out of the bun can then be split into two sections and wraped around your bun in opposite directions and secured with bobbypins.

Finally you can just take some bobbypins and pin the bun into the shape that you want it.

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