Great flirting techniques every woman needs to know

With the right body language, you can attract any man and keep him hooked! Next time you’re ready to get your flirt on, try these powerful flirting techniques, which are bound to keep him intrigued.

Preparation for some serious flirting

  • Make sure your movements are graceful, poised and confident – like a stripper, but with your clothes on. Think about it: Strippers don’t do crazy disco moves on the pole; they move with elegance and grace, because it mesmerises men. lol
  • Always look healthy, with glowing skin and healthy hair – this is super important, and more important than being the prettiest – keep your chin up and your chest out, even if you have a small bust… Ooze confidence
  • When you do spot each other across the room, make sure you’re accessible – so don’t surround yourself with a bunch of girlfriends who make it impossible for the guy to get to you. Glance around the room and make eye contact with the guy you’re interested in to give him the signal to approach.
  • Show a little skin or dress bohemian, there is something about a calm relaxed woman, that makes men feel warm and fuzzy, men are also programmed to look for bare skin on a woman, and can’t resist it.

Get your flirt on!

Now it’s time to put the proven techniques into action.

  • Glance at him, make eye contact and look down – this is the ‘killer’ flirting signal. It goes like this: Give him a slight mischievous smile, an interested glance, and then look down. Make sure your body is pointing in his direction when you do this. Ensure your moves are subtle! You may have to do this up to three times to the same guy to give him the message – he might think he’s in fantasy land and imagining things. But after three times, stop. If he doesn’t get the message, stop, move on, seriously…
  • As he approaches, broaden your smile and open your posture even more to ‘welcome’ him and exclude those around you, while still giving him some personal space. If, however, you realise as he’s walking up that you don’t actually dig him, quick, turn your back before he approaches and hopefully he’ll get the message.
  • Now that you’re face to face and chatting, you need to keep his attention. These moves are proven to work, so make sure you include them – even if they don’t come naturally: Tugging gently at your hair; dangling your shoe; nibbling your lip; stroking your neck.
  • Be welcoming – don’t act hard to get at this point or he’ll think you’re weird (after all, you ‘invited’ him over).
  • Share information about yourselves and, if you can, try to enjoy this time. You’re getting to know each other, be it through conversation, dancing or drinks at the bar.
  • If you’re attracted to him, you’ll find that you’re actually magnetically drawn to him. You’ll want to close the space between you. If you move in closer and he does the same, that’s a great sign. If he backs away… that’s not such a great sign. It means he thinks you’re moving too fast or he might not be that into you.
  • Advanced move: The body touch. Now, if you’re really sure you’re into him and you’re ready to get brave, let a part of your body touch or rest against his – like your knee resting against his, or touching his arm as he speaks. If you’re comfortable with his reaction (i.e, he doesn’t freak out like a novice, grab you like a predator or ignore it altogether), then you can continue with this slow but intriguing game.
  • The most powerful body language signal of all, when it comes to flirting, is the ‘melt and breathe’, and shows you’re ready to be kissed. Let your face relax completely, your eyes close slowly and your mouth open as if you’re just waiting to inhale his masculine virility. If at this point he doesn’t kiss you, he’s probably a hopeless case! Give up, get a drink, and try again tomorrow!
  • Prepping for a successful night out

Of course, you need to look and feel your best before you try these bold flirting moves. Start with a hot new look, like a set of gorgeous clip in hair extensions, to give you the ultimate glam-vixen look. He’ll be transfixed before you even begin – and then he’ll be putty in your hands! Explore our stunning range of clip in hair extensions now and get next-day delivery to your door.

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