Is it true that blondes have more fun? Read these 10 things only blondes will understand and decide for yourself!

10 Things only blondes will understand They say that blondes have more fun – and from experience, we know that’s true! But there is also a unique set of challenges that only golden-haired guys and gals face. Do you relate to any of these real-life problems thanks to your fair tresses?

  1. Everyone assumes you’re dumb. All those lame blonde jokes? Seriously? They’re not funny – and they’re definitely not true.
  2. People think you’re not a natural blonde because your eyebrows are dark. Just because the tie-backs don’t match the curtains doesn’t mean you’re hiding your natural hue, what’s the big deal with not being a natural blonde anyway?
  3. It’s easy to dress like a snow princess (or prince) by mistake. The trifecta combination of being blonde, pale and wearing white can make you look like Olaf from Frozen’s long-lost and lesser-tanned cousin. Two of these are fine, but never three.
  4. People tend to think you’re shallow, bitchy or a player. Let’s rephrase that – “Insecure people tend to think you’re shallow, bitchy or a player” Hair colour doesn’t determine character – but if it did, you’d simply be awesome.
  5. Green hair in summer. Any natural blonde has experienced the dreaded ‘chlorine curse’ at least once. Swimming pools + fair hair = stringy green strands of straw. Coating your hair with conditioner before a swim can help prevent this, or use a leave-in conditioner.
    It will make combing much easier afterwards and will stop the green.
  6. Disappearing eyelashes. If your hair is particularly light, your eyelashes tend to appear invisible when you don’t coat them in mascara. Not a look you love, but thats why we can tint our eyelashes.
  7. Re-growth is a nightmare. So maybe you’re not a natural blonde – don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us. But what’s up with that re-growth? The minute your roots start to show, the game is up, and you’re instantly rocking the accidental-ombre look. Now we love the ombre… but the accidental ombre not so much. Why not Ombre your hair once and for all to prevent that costly regrowth.
  8. Maintenance costs. If you’re not a natural blonde, missing even a month of highlights gives you the Jared Leto-like appearance described above. Even if you are a natural, a single flyaway hair is super noticeable, so your hair constantly needs to be treated, preened and conditioned – preferably by a skilled (and pricy) professional.
  9. You avoid wearing pink. Pair your fair locks with pink clothes and immediately people call you ‘Barbie’. Argh!
  10. The grease factor. Blonde hair tends to get oiler far quicker than other shades, which means you’re constantly on grease patrol. And let’s not even talk about how your locks look just five minutes into a workout. Why not try a dry shampoo, or as every blonde will probably already know – Our friend – baby powder

But despite it all, the truth is that blondes do have more fun – and you’re not about to give that up! How to enjoy all the pros and none of the cons of being blonde Love all the fun, hate all the work? The fantastic news is that, thanks to FrontRow, you can rock a sexy head of blonde tresses without the hassle. Our 100% natural clip in hair extensions will transform you into a fun-loving blonde in just minutes, without having to worry about re-growth or major maintenance. Plus, they’ll last up to a year – all for the cost of just one or two hair appointments! View our stunning range of clip in human hair extensions now and find the one that matches your fantasies. We’ll deliver to your door.

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