I am a huge fan of artistic photography. I am also passionate about the essence of a woman in her most natural state, the way God made her. My obsession with the shape of a woman’s natural curves combined with my obsession with long flowing, natural looking hair is what inspired this photoshoot. I put in my Chestnut Ombre FrontRow Clip-in extensions, applied some make-up and left the rest to nature.

Creative Shoes

50 Shades of Grey Inspired Braid and Back Shot

Natural Sheet and Back Shot Natural Flowy Long Hair

Classic Denim Shot

Classy Stockings and Long Side Parted Hair Shot

Cowboy Boots and White Shirt

My amazing photographer Michelle Schoombie really assisted with capturing the core purpose of these shots. I wanted to show women how their most natural state can be enhanced with long hair and our hair extensions. You can buy your own set of  FrontRow Hair Extensions here   

Lots of Love Kimmy xoxox

Luxury Clip In Hair Extensions

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