The perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

As Valentines Day our most “love filled” day on the calendar is fast approaching, it’s time to decide what you will be doing for your loved one this year on the 14th of February.

Now lets be honest, it is certainly not everyday that I Kim Irwin (A mother of 2) gets to prance around in sexy lingerie. While I have tried doing some of my own boudoir photography on my cellphone camera – (you know the ones you take in whichever mirror has the best lighting), this year I thought I would leave the photography to a professional and decided to do my first ever lingerie shoot.

Luckily, in my profession I have been exposed to some of the best photographers around and knew the perfect person. Tracy Loubser specialises in artistic imagery. This means she is talented enough to take photos of you completely starkers if you wish and the end result will be the most beautiful photographs that look like they belong in an art gallery or all over the walls of a restaurant, your house… wherever. So if I was going to bare it all in front of the camera, obviously Tracy was my only option. She keeps it classy, tasteful and very creative.

Now getting ready for this shoot I must be honest was rather easy, I have created a list of things that you can do to get the most out of your shoot.

A few key items on the to do list:

1. Remove all body hair from your body – I mean ALL body hair

2. Use an amazing skin serum the night before for fresh dewy skin – Remember to exfoliate.

3. On the day – Apply bronzing cream all over your body, I usually mix my bronzer with my body lotion for an even application.

4. Make sure you get an amazing Manicure and Pedicure – Soft natural pink nails and red toenails are always a safe option.

5. Leave your skin alone – No picking, prodding, squeezing for a week before your shoot

6. Get an idea of the poses you want to achieve – Just Google images

7. Wash your hair on the morning of the shoot.

8. Dry your hair upside down to make sure you have loads of volume at the roots.

9. If your hair is short add some curls to the ends, so you have some texture. – Add Hair Extensions

10. WEAR HAIR EXTENSIONS – There is something about lingerie and long, thick hair that go together like a good cheese and wine. Plus, you can play with it, cover certain bits with it and you feel like an absolute Goddess in front of the camera with gorgeous, long, flowing locks.

11. For make-up, make sure your eyes really pop – I really recommend wearing good quality false lashes.

When you arrive at your shoot, just be confident and don’t try and hide away at all – You are a woman and beautiful as you are. Besides Tracy will only shoot you at the absolute best angles for your body. Thats what creative photographers do – She will guide you every step of the way. Best of luck xxx

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