Want to remind your man why he chose you over all those other pretty girls?

Make your man weak at the knees and see his face turn to pure delight when he claps eyes on you, just like in the movies… It’s easier than you think to knock his socks off!

These tried-and-tested tips will have your man as dizzy as a teenager and more in love than ever before!

  1. Be more spontaneous. Stuck in a couch-and-series rut? DO something different! Try something new! Go out to a restaurant, watch a movie (at the cinema!) or go to a market. And, since you’re getting out of the house, why not change up your usual make up routine and do something funky and new?
  2. Take care of your appearance. You don’t need to look like a supermodel to catch your guy’s eye, but it doesn’t hurt to take care of your health, hygiene and be conscious of your appearance. It’s not about starving yourself or having cosmetic surgery, it’s simply about taking pride in your appearance.
  3. Communicate clearly. Men don’t pick up on hints, we all know that. So don’t expect your man to just know what you want. Communicate clearly and kindly to get your message across. They really suck at guessing what you want from them, avoid the dissapointment and make it easier for them.
  4. Be confident. There’s nothing sexier than a confident woman. Sure, men may be the ‘hero’ of the relationship, but they love a woman who can hold her own, and who is confident in her looks, intelligence and charm. Be that girl! Walk with your head up high and think the wholetime you are the most gorgeous woman in the world! It works… seriously.
  5. Make an effort. Do little things to show him that you care. Surprise him with a romantic night out to his favourite restaurant, cook him his favourite dinner or bring him a drink while he’s watching TV, without him asking. Letting him know that you’re thinking about him shows him how much you really care. Doing the afore 2 mentioned things naked (If you are home alone) could also take your relationship to a new level of sexy.
  6. Chill out. No man wants to deal with a woman who screams and shouts at the drop of a hat. So he left the window open or made footprints on the freshly-mopped floor. Step back, take a breath and stay calm. Try not to take everything so seriously and he’ll love you for your laid-back attitude. Life is too short to take things too seriously and these things really don’t matter to most men, they wont understand your freak out.
  7. Be playful. Pounce on him in a tickle-fight, tell him silly jokes or make quirky, cheeky quips that he thinks are adorable. Just be yourself! If he sees that you’re super comfortable around him, he’ll fall in love even more.
  8. Pretty yourself up. Umm in an ideal world your man prefers you first thing in the morning “JUST THE WAY YOU ARE”. I think that Bruno Mars song was written about his supermodel girlfriend #justsaying. Of course your man thinks you’re beautiful first thing in the morning – he loves you warts and all! Please remember nothing makes a man swoon quite like seeing his lady all dressed up in heels and formal wear, her hair beautifully styled and her make up perfectly applied. Why not make an extra special, unforgettable effort with some of my gorgeous clip in hair extensions? They will give you that movie-star WOW factor in a few minutes.
  9. Be trustworthy. Men respect a woman they can rely on. Make sure he knows he can trust you with his secrets, because if he can open up to you completely, you’re likely to form an even deeper connection. Keep his secrets sacred and he’ll love you even more for it. No discussing all his flaws around his friends, but rather give him that ego boost through a few compliments. His friends will all be telling him how lucky he is to have you.

Becoming irresistible to your man is much simpler than you might have thought. To make it even easier, why not transform your look with a stunning set of clip in hair extensions or have your make up professionally done for a special occasion? He’ll not only notice the effort you put in, but he’ll appreciate it too. Give it a whirl and watch him go weak at the knees

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