When was the last time you switched up your beauty routine? If you’re able to style your hair and put on your make up with your eyes closed, it’s been too long since you tried something new.

If you answer ‘yes’ to three or more of the questions below, you’re stuck in a beauty rut – but the great news is that it’s easy (and fun) to give it a vibrant shake up. Be bold and embrace the change!

1. The only time you try a new shade of lipstick is when it’s free

We know that trying a new shade can be scary, but using the trial-sized lip colour from your fave glossy doesn’t count. Head to the beauty counter at a good quality cosmetics store and let the pros help you to identify your ideal new shade. This one small change can totally transform your look.

2. You discovered at least one out of three of your current beauty products while still at school

Unless you matriculated last year, using the same products you loved in high school is a definite no-no. Toss out the bubblegum flavoured face-wash and stock up on good quality products – for adults!

3. Putting on your make-up feels like a chore

There’s a certain thrill to opening a brand new palette of eye-shadow or a hot new shade of gloss. If you haven’t felt that excitement in a while, check out the season’s current trends in-store – and don’t leave the shop without them!

4. You’ve resorted to using a lip brush/toothpick/back of your eyeliner pencil to scrape the last bit of lip colour from the tube

If they stopped making your favourite shade back in ’07, it’s time to move on. It’s hard to let go of your signature colour, but it’s also rewarding to try a new hue. You might be surprised at just how good you look in a vibrant red or glossy nude.

5. People say you remind them of that girl from that TV show… 10 years ago

Just as actors move on to new trends (and new TV shows), so should you. We’ve all fallen in love with an on-screen fashion craze (man scarves, we’re looking at you), but if you’re still sporting ‘the Rachel’, you need to get to your hairstylist stat. Wait, scratch that. You need to fire your stylist and get a new one!

6. You’ve used up a whole bottle of nail polish – and you’re about to buy another bottle in the same colour

Eek! Nail colour is super seasonal, which means you should be switching between trendy shades every few months. There’s nothing wrong with having a fave go-to hue, but at least try a few of the other gorgeous shades, sparkles and textures available. Your nails deserve to be spoilt!

7. You haven’t changed your skincare routine since high school

Teenaged skin is very different to adult skin, so if you’re older than 19, you need a skincare routine to match. Speak to a beauty therapist or dermatologist about the right products to use on your skin, as this is the key to achieving a healthy, glowing complexion.

8. You’re not embarrassed by old photos of yourself – because you still look the same

If, over the past few years, you haven’t stood in front of your mirror trying to figure out whether you’d look hot with a bob, a fringe or a side-parting, you’ve been sporting the same style for waaaay too long – and your old photos will attest to it. Grab a (recent) mag and pick a brand new style. Then get it today.

9. The idea of a make-up makeover terrifies you

Make-up is something to embrace and experiment with, not something to be fearful of! If someone offers you a free makeover (and it isn’t your little brother), grab it! You may just discover a fabulous new shade that makes your eyes sparkle or your lips pop, or which gives you the cheekbones of a Greek goddess.

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