Thinking of going Ombre in your dark hair, but not sure of the best way to do it or which Ombre effect to go for? Keep reading for our top 15 ombre tips to get the perfect result for you.

Photograph above by www.tracyloubser.com. You can use a lighter shade of FrontRow Hair extensions to create an ombre effect, but I must be honest and say it always looks most natural if you already have an ombre in your own hair, especially in the sections of hair around your face. If you already own hair extensions and want to ombre those, check out this article.

Tip #1 – Educate yourself on various Ombre techniques There are hundreds of YouTube tutorials which offer you advice on various ways of how women ombre their hair at home. Even if you are going to do it at a salon, it is good to go in educated, so find a video with a result you like and pay close attention to the products used.

Tip #2 – Get some pictures together There are so many different variations of the ombre trend, it is a good idea to get some pictures together of the ombre trend that you love. Have a look at pictures of different celebrities sporting the ombre hair trend and get inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram etc.

Tip #3 – Find the perfect Ombre Highlighting Kit Once you have watched enough tutorials and done enough research and you feel confident that you are fully educated on how to Ombre your hair at home you will need to find the right highlighting kit. Choose a kit that is specifically designed for dark hair, as well as a kit that contains both dye and bleach in one, as performing these processes seperately will severely damage your hair.

Tip #4 – Use foil to keep dye moist Make sure you apply the dye generously, to avoid a patchy result. If the dye dries before it has had enough time to develop in your hair, you will be left with an uneven and patchy result, so cover the highlights up with tin foil to keep them moist.

Tip #5 – Section off your hair Don’t try and highlight all of your hair in one go for a natural looking result. Make sure you section your hair off into a minimum of 2 layers. First work on the bottom section, apply dye to ends of the hair and remember to cover highlights with foil and then move onto the top section of your hair.

Tip #6 – Create different heights Make sure you highlight the hair at different heights to create an Ombre effect rather than a dip dye effect. You want the dark hair to gently transition into the lighter ends.

Tip #7 – Use more dye right at the ends When you are applying the dye to the top of the highlighted area you can gently brush the dye on, but you want the very ends pf the hair even lighter, so pile on the dye towards the ends.

Tip #8 – Don’t use too much bleach Stay away from processing your hair for too long. While ashy blonde strands on dark hair can look really stunning, becareful not to make them too harsh or cheap looking. My advice is to settle for a medium lift and you can always tone or dye to the colour you like.

Tip #9 – Blend your highlights Pick up small pieces of hair around your face using the weaving method and a rat tail comb. A good idea is to focus on the sections of hair that are naturally lighter in the summer.

Tip #10 – Keep checking your highlights If you are a first time DIY highlighter, keep opening up your foils to check the colour. If it is taking forever to achieve your desired lightness, you can always use a warm blow dryer to speed up the process.

Tip #11 – Tease your hair first If you watch videos recorded by professionals on ombre techniques, you will notice that nearly all of them tease the hair before applying the bleach. This is a simple technique, which helps your lighter ends blend in seamlessly with your darker hair.

Tip #12 – Create some curls If you are not 100% satisfied with your own ombre job straight away, my suggestion is that you curl your hair. This helps to blend the different tones and you won’t notice any patchiness, preventing you from redying your hair straight away. Wear your hair curly for a few weks and then once you are used to your new look, try wearing it straight and asses your ombre skills.

Tip #13 – Don’t use shampoo on your hair Obviously you can use shampoo to rinse the dye, but after this is done, try not to wash your hair for at least 24 hours. Your hair has gone through a lot, so the natural oils will be a great way to restore its health.

Tip # 14 – Use Purple Shampoo If you find that your hair has turned out with too much of a brassy, yellow tone you can use every platinum blonde girls hair trick and wash your hair with purple shampoo, this will create a more natural looking, pretty tone.

Tip #15 – Wear it with confidence It doesn’t really matter what you do to your hair, if you love it, you will find that most other people do too. Besides if you have carefully followed  these instructions, your result should be pretty darn good. Wear it with confidence and enjoy your new look.

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